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A Heaven Island in Exotic Country

You are able to go there from Benoa Harbour, Bali with a ferry for approximately 2 hours. There are many flights weekly from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta to Mataram, Lombok. From Mataram, you carry on by car and little boat for approximately 2 hours. You'll go mountainous region, national park, villages and paddy field.
The view of hill, villages, paddy subject and Apes are simply marvelous! Question the driver to avoid by where you will find monkeys. You can end to feed and take images of them. The very best time for you who find for calm time is December to April. Try to avoid the large time, May to September, to have your private beaches.
If you try to look for data or guide books about Lombok,9 times out of 10 you will discover it arranged together as Bali/Lombok or Lombok/Gili padi idc , almost as an after-thought. Nevertheless, that does little justice to the beautiful beaches and serenity that Lombok offers, unlike their Bali counterpart. Assume good regional food, even friendlier locals and the feel of simplicity often missing from our daily urbanised lives. While it seems somewhat close on the chart, the truth is,it will take about 4-5 hours to cruise through the Straits. Lombok is about ¾ how big Bali.
The common heat in Lombok is 29°C to 34°D, which quite simply, suggests it is warm and humid year-round. Most readily useful time to visit is any month apart from the maximum periods of June-July and December.The Journey Manual Group spent significantly less than US$339 for 9 times in Bali, Lombok and Gili Islands. This includes our transfer,accomodation and daily expenditure costs.
Operating on a bike through the roads of Lombok is one of the finest points you can certainly do there.Theroads will bring you along the coast of Lombok where you will be able to savor the beautiful beautiful opinions of Lombok. On the way there will also be warongs.It would also be a great time for you to get to know the people as they are an amiable and hot bunch. Do end at Coco Beach because it properties the most effective satay we have actually tasted, the flavor possibly enhanced by the stunning beachside location.
Support Rinjani is the second best volcano in Indonesia and hiking up can take around 5 days. Other thanenjoying the panoramic opinions of the volcano, you can also experience the Rinjani waterfall. If you are into trekking, that happens to be a must-go. You can generally strategy one of many journey agencies for sale in Lombok to obtain deal deals.
Should you desire to immerse yourself further to the wonderful Lombok culture, the Bertais Market is recommended. Bertais Market can be an open air market where you could go through the truly Lombok culture. You will also be greeted by the wonderful residents and may use the opportunity to mingle with them.As the name suggests, it the an island which houses over 2500 massive Komodo dragons in the Komodo National Park. You can find journey agencies which offer 1/2 Time tour deals around Komodo Area from Lombok.
Jeruk Manis Waterfall is located in East Lombok. The natives believe this waterfall has several charms and that it may remedy specific disorders and baldness in the event that you tub in it. Even though you aren't superstitious the walk to the 600m waterfall and the panoramic view that you will be able to see will certainly make it value going.
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