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I also read Robert Kiyosaki's Wealthy Dad Poor Father and most importantly his earlier book, If You Need To Be Wealthy And Happy Do not Go To School. I decided with his criticisms concerning the education establishment: that schools fail to show financial training, that schools really harm students once they prize measures that are detrimental to potential achievement and punish actions and habits which can be imperative to success.
School problems are in fact accomplishments, since schools are honored with an increase of power and income as ratings drop and illiteracy increases. The state gains having a more docile and unaware citizenry of workers. Certainly not does the education establishment encourage pupils to master anything about flexibility and liberty, alternatively they learn to idolize democracy, believing that to be very same of freedom.
The Classical Liberal Arts were after the training of the elite from contemporary times to the the free guys of old Greece. The ancient Romans and Greeks had knowledge for the Free and training for slaves and servants. Most of what goes for knowledge is training to serve. It is not to produce students free. It's to produce them great workers and good followers. Generous liberty function is to make you free, certainly not to make you an excellent or even extremely compensated serf. Today, however, several receive that education and those who do are notoriously underpaid.
They might have free minds. They could do have more mobility in what they could do, but they do not have the abilities to complete particular careers with the better pay.Specialized or technical knowledge leads to higher spend but also brings students to actual serfdom or slavery. The only issue is on which amount of serfdom could the scholar attain? Could they be properly paid and respectable serfs or underpaid and despised serfs.
It may be clear that the worker on a production line is actually a slave to a system, but many may be astonished to think about a health care provider, lawyer or manufacture as a serf, better paid, but a serf nevertheless. Several are very in debt and can perform nothing else but what they certainly were trained for and don't have any choice but to remain in occupations they hate.
A very paid physician could possibly be just as trapped as a coal miner in Appalachia, or an office worker in a drab cubicle. Debt and instruction have produced them to useless stops where they feel there's no escape. Whatever the revenue, they are maybe not free. Their training or instruction didn't cause them to flexibility but to slavery.However, in most cases both forms of training don't cause freedom. Graduates are trapped by debt and training that stops them from later viewing new opportunities and options.
While I actually do feel that the a generous training is very important or even crucial, as it extends your head, advances reason and imagination, and most importantly teaches pupils how to learn, I also believe that learning a talent to achieve financial freedom and the discretion for continued home progress is one other critical to achieving true freedom.
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