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Has God Really Seen My Prayer?

We are able to know, without any doubting in our hearts, and without justifying it in your brains - by natural religion adequate for the saints of previous - that Lord does hear every one of our prayers.Indeed, Lord feels every silent temptation, learns every bothered believed, and is privy to all our secrets - excellent, bad, and indifferent; so excellent may be the acceptance to understand we're never condemned. The LORD recognizes our human plight.
If there is one indication all Christians acknowledge, that illustrates God has seen our prayers, it's that: by the sense of mild peace believed deep in our souls, a tranquility that transcends knowledge, because we've provided, in belief, our desires in honest forthrightness.There are many methods to have an encounter with this specific living God - a LORD living within people and ・除霊 life, particularly in the alarming bits.
And in the current situation it's via prayer that living God makes himself recognized to us by that sense of peace... the issue or concern that precipitates our prayer has not removed and the pain continues, but a strange peace coexists with it allowing us to help keep our minds above the threatening waters. That peace remits hope, giving us the capacity to search in and cope with, somehow.
Following we've prayed we should know Lord has seen our prayer, only because of the weird lightness of heart we sense, regardless of the pain present. If we do not sense heard we must hope more and keep praying until we sense heard. God learns all prayer, but we must know it inside our bears by a peace that transcends understanding. When we don't quit, Lord may show up.
Do you know that Christians will undoubtedly be used in charge of their state of the nations, whether good or bad? Man was presented with dominion to subdue our planet, which he lost following the fall of Adam, but was repaired right back through Jesus Christ and now in the fingers of believing Christians. The workout of this dominion or lack of its workout determines the happenings around us. This informative article stresses the positioning of Christians in the affairs of these nations.
Some Christians are also waiting on God to do something positive about the conditions, while God is waiting on them to do something positive about them. The energy and authority over circumstances have already been handed to the Christians in order for them to establish the will of Lord upon their nations.
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