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Peru tour: Is an Interesting Destination?

PERU’s ideal location in South America offers one of the most diverse environments around the world.

Peru Tourist. In Peru it is possible to find 84 of the 117 life zones, including the Amazon, the deepest canyon in the world, the highest navigable lake, beautiful nevados, and sunny beaches all year round.

Peru Guide. This diverse environment was the home of several cultures, such as the oldest civilization of America, known as the Caral Culture, located in the Supe Valley (north of Lima) about 5000 thousand years ago. Another examples of these ancient civilizations are the Moche people with its astonishing Royal Tombs of Sipan in Lambayeque; and the amazing Empire of the Incas. Today, Peru has 31 million inhabitants distributed among 25 regions.

Peru Tourism. Each region in Peru has its own culture and customs, a diverse gastronomy, beautiful scenery, and a large variety of flora and fauna. Despite Peru’s amazing variety, most of its tourists are looking for a visit only to Machu Picchu and Cusco. After their arrival, the majority of them discover that they have missed a great opportunity to experience more of Peru’s diverse wonders. When you plan your trip, remember that Peru is much more than Machu Picchu Tours and Cusco. Don’t let your lack of knowledge limit your enjoyment of this amazing country. Travel to Peru and include in your itinerary the activities you enjoy the most.

By Renato Romero - Founder of My Peru Guide LL - Peru Guided Tour, Peru Travel Guide and Peru Tourist Attractions