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Shortage of Woman Bodyguards

He is going to be too ashamed to record that unpleasant knowledge to the proper authorities.One individual protection firm engages around fifty females who have received black belts. Each of them is effective at battling with around three ordinary men and giving all of them to the hospital. One of the agencies bodyguards is a sixty year old grandmother that has been which can be the most deadly.
She once demolished a block group single handed. She was chosen by way of a store manager which was being harassed by the gang. Witnesses said the sight of an elderly woman ass wiping ten difficult guys was a sight that they'd never forget.Hollywood stars who are stalked by admirers are turning to female bodyguards for protection.
Male bodyguards are worthless against a group of supporters decided to sexually molest a celebrity. That company has to be started and punched to guard their client. It would search horrible if certainly one of their man bodyguards might do that. A couple of female bodyguards with dark belt knowledge can send a group of stalkers working in the contrary direction.
No one however the stalkers that have been creating the life span of the celebrity a poor one would complain. Their issues could fall on deaf ears.
A dictator of an oil wealthy place keeps one hundred girl bodyguards in his compound. They are all lesbians which are exceptionally dedicated for their benefactor. If he dies they will all be homeless. Each one of these provides a sword and pistol, they will quickly use each one if their master is in danger. A coup by customers of the army was easily defeated by his female bodyguard movie bodyguards. The testicles of the disloyal were strewn across the compound grounds. No prisoners were taken. It's positive no body will ever attempt to depose that master again.
The feminine bodyguard is rapidly replacing male protection since she is more effective. Several simple guys which are fragile and bad as fighters are now actually marrying women that have attained the degree of a black belt. They have discovered it to be a good way of guarding themselves. The macho man is gradually losing his energy in the face area of women that knows how to battle. This is bad news for bullies and those that victimize the weak. It is great information for folks who need a lady that can fight.
More and more, girl BODYGUARDS are increasingly being wanted after by women celebrities. Because executive security is a male-dominated area, there's too little woman ability that women superstars need certainly to choose. Harlan Austin, Leader of Bodyguard Jobs attributes that shortage to the on-going understanding that "measurement matters."
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